Forbes Rentals Service Department

Repairs and Service

At Forbes Rentals, we have our own Service Departments at Redhill, Derby and Wigan and pride ourselves in delivering top quality service. Our team of Forbes Field Service Technicians give nationwide service, carrying out on site servicing and repair. If the item needs service centre attention, you will be left with a replacement.

A dedicated helpline is at hand with experienced technical teams ready to help solve your retuning or connection difficulties, with auxiliary products like game consoles, tablets and WiFi or advise you on how to get the most out of all the features available on your equipment. All servicing and breakdown repair is with no extra cost, as it is all included in your fixed rental rate.

If you contact us either by emailing Repairs & Service or calling 01737 647300 before 10am Monday to Saturday we will offer same day service and will aim to resolve the problem while there. If this is not possible, a replacement will be arranged for you, ensuring you are not left without your essential household item.

All the latest software and firmware upgrades will be carried out as necessary and all this is included in your rental payment. Forbes Rentals have direct contact with the manufacturer, so any problems can be investigated and solved. The latest equipment can often need software updates for new features and bug fixes, this is difficult for the average home user, but as Forbes has the expertise and access to all the current software and firmware files direct from the manufacturer, we take care of all connectivity problems, be it accessory units or Internet connections, with most additional leads usually provided free.