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Shoprider Paris Mobility Scooter

Deirdre Quillinan, Senior Customer Service Advisor

By Deirdre Quillinan | First published: 23rd August 2018

Shoprider Sovereign Mobility Scooter

Forbes Rentals' expert verdict: 4/5

The Shoprider Paris scooter is a safe, comfortable and efficient scooter that can reach speeds of up to 4mph. With a battery charge of up to 24 miles, you won't need to think about charging it after every trip. If you require a scooter for occasional use or want something to put in the car for increased mobility on holidays or day trips, this is a good choice.

At a glance

Ease of Use: 4/5

Shoprider Paris Mobility Scooter, detail of handle bars and control panel

Shoprider's Paris Mobility Scooter is our most portable mobility scooter. It is designed to be able to be put into a car, although this would be a two man job as it is not light to lift. The forward/reverse lever operation is very simple to use and electro-magnetic brakes ensure that it will stop smoothly and automatically when the lever is not applied.

Design: 4/5

Shoprider Paris Mobility Scooter, front view showing the basket

Aesthetically, this scooter does match up to our other models but it is designed for portability. The seat swivels for ease of access but does not move forwards or backwards as the Cadiz and Sovereign do however the steering adjusts to suit the user. In order to dismantle the Paris scooter and place it in a vehicle you would definitely need two strong people. It requires the seat to be taken off, then the back comes off, the batteries come off and the tiller (steering column) folds down onto the foot rest. It is not complicated at all, it simply requires strength. When it comes to driving the Paris, Shoprider have not compromised on safety or ease of use and it is simple and enjoyable to use.

Comfort: 4/5

Shoprider Paris Mobility Scooter, detail of the seat

The seat is very comfortable however it is worth noting that after testing the Cadiz and Sovereign you could tell that, by comparison, the ride is slightly compromised by the solid tyres.

Safety: 5/5

Shoprider Paris Mobility Scooter, back view

The automatic electro-magnetic brakes make this perfectly safe to use and it will stop when the lever is not applied. It features a ‘freewheel’ function for manoeuvring it in an emergency but for safety reasons you will not be able to drive off again until it is disabled. It is worth noting that there are no lights on this scooter.

Shoprider Sovereign Mobility Scooter

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