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Shoprider Cordoba Mobility Scooter

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 26th June 2020

Shoprider Cordoba Mobility Scooter

Forbes Rentals' expert verdict: 5/5

The Cordoba is our largest mobility scooter and it immediately strikes you as being truly robust and heavy duty. It is designed to keep you comfortable on long journeys, and with a maximum battery range of 35 miles, it will really open up your travelling opportunities.

This scooter can reach speeds of up to 8mph on the road and has all of the necessary safety features as well as impressive suspension system. It provides ample leg room, and its maximum weight capacity of 35 stone is testament to its sturdy build. For anyone that wants to travel a bit further, may need to go on a road and wants the optimum comfort and battery change distance, this is the scooter for you.

At a glance

Ease of Use: 4/5

Scooter controls

The Cordoba has easy to use finger and thumb controls and the speed can be adjusted from min to max (8mph) using a simple dial. The delta tiller bar is easy to grip and can be easily controlled, even by those with limited dexterity. This scooter handles well on or off the road and its large alloy wheels make light work of kerbs whilst providing a good 16 cm clearance from the ground.

Design: 5/5

Review view showing wheels and suspension

This scooter has both front and rear suspension for tackling bumpy terrain. It is a sturdy and reliable road safe scooter that can go long distances and delivers optimum comfort. Aesthetically it is perhaps a bit more of a classic design than some of our Roma scooters but it is a luxurious, heavy-duty model.

Comfort: 5/5

Scooter chair

With its large captain’s chair and padded headrest, the Cordoba is designed for those who wish to travel in comfort and style. The seat can be adjusted to find the perfect driving position for the user and the extensive legroom caters to even the tallest drivers. The flip-up armrests and swivel seat make it easy to get on or off and the suspension ensures a smooth journey.

Safety: 5/5

Scooter wheels

With its robust chassis, large seat and headrest, you would feel safe out and about on the Cordoba. It has a wing mirror and both front and back LED lights that mean you can even ride it in the dark. As this scooter is road legal, it also has extra features such as hazard lights and an emergency brake to ensure optimum safety.

Shoprider Cordoba Mobility Scooter

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