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Which Scooter Is Right For You?

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 19th October 2020

A scooter is a lot more a mobility device, it is freedom ticket and a lifestyle choice. Consequently, it is essential to choose the one that is best suited to your specific requirements.

When considering the range of mobility choices available to you, it is important to factor in:

  • The types of journeys that you will be making
  • The terrain that you will travel upon
  • The storage facilities you will use
  • Your body frame and weight
  • Your budget

Portable Scooters

Roma Denver Mobility Scooter wheels
Roma Denver Mobility Scooter wheels

For those who want to be able to put the scooter into a car and head out for the day, or to take it on holiday with them, our compact, portable scooters are the ones to choose. We offer the Shoprider Paris and the Roma Denver, both of which are easily dismantled and transported.

Despite their lightweight structure, it is worth pointing out that the user will need some assistance getting their scooter in and out of the vehicle. Despite their compact size, these scooters still deliver a comfortable ride whilst offering great flexibility.

Pavement Scooters

Shoprider Sovereign Mobility Scooter
Shoprider Sovereign Mobility Scooter

If you live near the high street or local park and only want to travel locally on smooth terrain, our mid-size scooters are a great choice for pavement use. Both the Roma Tulsa and the Shoprider Sovereign have comfortable and adjustable seating and enable you to legally reach speeds of up to 4mph. Their pneumatic tyres give a smoother ride than the portable scooters which have solid wheels. The Roma Tulsa is proving to be a particularly popular choice with its modern design and USB charging port.

Road-Legal Scooters

Scooter controls
Shoprider Cordoba Steering Controls

If you want to travel further afield, live in a particularly hilly area or will need to travel on the road you will need to choose a more robust road-legal scooter. We provide the Shoprider Cadiz and the Roma Cordoba, both of which can reach speeds of up to 8mph and can be driven on all roads except motorways or dual carriageways that have a speed limit of 50mph or above. Both models feature front and rear lights, indicators, rear-view mirrors, brakes and a horn. These scooters are heavier and more robust than the other ranges. They also have bigger batteries which gives them greater battery ranges, making them better suited to those who which to cover longer distances. They are also capable of carrying heavier loads which is worth noting if you are a larger frame. You are also able to use these scooters to travel on pavements but you would need to adjust the speed back to the pavement speed limit of 4mph.

Roma Denver, Roma Tulsa and Shoprider Cordoba Mobility Scooters
Roma Denver, Roma Tulsa and Shoprider Cordoba Mobility Scooters

Whichever scooter you choose, property access and storage will be a key consideration, and our advisors can talk you through the options available.

All of our scooter customers have an preliminary consultation with one of our advisors as well as receiving a free assessment with one of our experts upon delivery. We always ensure that you are choosing the right scooter for your lifestyle and personal requirements, and we will help to adjust the seat and settings to suit the individual user. All of our scooters are covered by our first-class service response and undergo an annual maintenance check-up, at no extra cost, for the life of the contract. Choosing a scooter is as much about carefully selecting where you source it as well as selecting the product that is right for you. Spare parts can be extremely expensive and so our customers benefit hugely from knowing everything is covered by their set monthly payments and there are no such unexpected costs. Rental spares them costly upfront payment and gives them a great peace of mind to know that they have our reliable support backup.