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Miele WTF130WPM Washing Machine

Dierdre Quilnan, Sales Advisor

By Alkas Miah | First published: 13th November 2017

Miele WTF130WPM Washing Machine

Forbes Rentals' expert verdict: 4/5

This is a stylish and efficient washer dryer that is ideally suited to a medium sized household. It offers a huge range of programs so you know that your laundry will be processed in the manner best suited to the specific fabric or stain requirements.

It is really user friendly, and impressively quiet and processes mixed loads so efficiently and that it quickly and effortlessly dries the laundry. You can't use plastic detergent dispensers in the drum if you are doing a continuous wash/dry cycle, but this is compensated for by the CapDosing system, which ensures that the right amount of detergent is dispersed. The light inside the drum is a great addition, making it easy to find those stray socks.

At a glance

Ease of Use 5/5

Miele WTF130WPM Washing Machine

The WTF130WPN is a highly programmable 7kg washing capacity, 4 kg drying capacity washer dryer. It has a wide range of programs that you won't find on other machines.

Whether you need to wash your trainers, or down-filled duvets, steam shirts to minimize ironing or safeguard waterproofing on waterproof garments, there is a program to suit your requirements. You can even select the cycle according to any particular stains that may be present, whether it is your red wine spillage or your child's muddy sports kit it will handle the job with ease.

It will also weigh the wash load and reduce water, and therefore energy consumption, if the load is not full.

Capacity 5/5

Miele WTF130WPM Washing Machine

This machine's 7kg washing capacity is the standard requirement for a medium sized household. It is worth noting that the machine does adjust the load capacity on the LED screen according to the fabric that is being processed in order to ensure an immaculate end result.

Cycle Length 3/5

Miele WTF130WPM Washing Machine

The cycle lengths of such a programmable machine will obviously vary a lot depending on the load requirements. However, it does feature a start delay option as well as an express wash, which is great when you are in a rush. The auto programme lets you wash different fabrics and colours together, which would make a huge difference to any laundry day. When it comes to drying, the WTF130WPM excels where other washer dryers can be disappointing. It creates a hot water current that speeds up to reduce water content before the drying cycle begins, reducing the time and the energy it takes to achieve completely dry clothes. We are genuinely impressed by the drying results achieved even after a ‘normal dry’ programme.

Noise 5/5

Miele WTF130WPM Washing Machine

Miele are committed to keeping the noise output from their laundry appliances to the minimum, and it really pays off. The noise output from this machine is so low that we actually had to check that it was in fact still processing the clothes. The only noise that it emits is from the clothes as they fall in the drum.

Miele WTF130WPM Washing Machine

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