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Bosch SMV40C30GB Fully Integrated A+ Dishwasher Review

Dierdre Quilnan, Sales Advisor

By Alkas Miah | First published: 27th February 2018

Bosch HBN331E4B Built-in Cooker

Forbes Rentals' expert verdict: 5/5

The Bosch SMV40C30GB is a great addition to any kitchen. This 12 place setting machine lets you relax whilst it quickly, silently and efficiently processes your dishes, glasses and pans.

At a glance

Performance 4/5

Bosch SMV40C30GB Fully Integrated A+ Dishwasher

The Bosch SMV40C30GB has 4 programmes to choose from so you can always select the settling that is most appropriate to your load. The programmes include a quick 29 minutes programme, which is invaluable when you need clean dishes in a hurry. The Eco wash will use a lower temperature and less water, but it will still deliver a clean end result.

Efficiency 5/5

Bosch SMV40C30GB Fully Integrated A+ Dishwasher

Whilst being highly efficient, this dishwasher is rated A+ for energy efficiency, which means it will reduce your environmental impact whilst lowering your bills. On a normal 65°C programme, this dishwasher will only use 11.8 litres of water. It employs an AquaSensor which assesses the amount of soiling at the end of the pre-rinse, and if the water is only slightly soiled, it will be reused for the main wash cycle.

Ease of Use 4/5

Bosch SMV40C30GB Fully Integrated A+ Dishwasher

This is an extremely user-friendly machine that is designed to make your life easier. Its VarioBasket configuration allows for flexible storage space, which can be customised according to your specific needs. When it is in use, its InfoLight projects a small dot of light onto the floor to prevent you from opening the door mid-cycle. The low noise levels of 50bD mean that you can forget about the dishes and let it do the work without being disturbed.

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