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BOSCH Serie 6 WTB86590GB Condenser Tumble Dryer

Deirdre Quillinan, Sales Advisor

By Deirdre Quillinan | First published: 4th October 2017

Forbes Rentals' expert verdict: 5/5

This machine was designed for those who have better things to do than laundry. Wet shirt before work? Put it on the 15-minute shirt cycle. Wet shoes? Put them in on the handy shoe drawer included. Whatever the week ahead of you has in store, the Bosch Serie 6 WTB86590GB Condenser Tumble Dryer will ensure a dry, warm and pleasant approach to laundry, now if only Bosch could do something about the weather...

At a glance

Ease of use 5/5

Having the Bosch Serie 6 WTB86590GB in your household is like having your own personal laundry service. The machine comes with an array of different drying options letting you choose the correct setting depending on what you put in it. With options leading from ‘cupboard dry’ to ‘wool in basket’ the Bosch Serie 6 WTB86590GB doesn't just dry your clothes, it also cares for them. Do you ever find yourself headfirst in the drum, trying to find the other sock? Then you'll love the little LED lights that illuminate the drum so your socks can be reunited. At first the amount of options on the LCD display can be a little intimidating and confusing, but once you’ve figured out the cycles that suit you, you’ll have crease free dry clothes, day in, day out.

Capacity 4/5

Bosch Condensor Tumble Dryer drum

No one enjoys doing laundry, when it’s 9pm on a Sunday the last thing you want to be doing is staying up for the drying cycle to finish so you can put the next load in. If you find this a regular occurrence in your household, then the Bosch Serie 6 WTB86590GB's 9KG drum will let you enjoy those precious few hours left of the weekend in peace. 9KG of laundry usually adds up to being around about 5 and a half different outfits, this means you can have your Friday clothes clean, dry and sorted before Monday has even begun.

Drying 4/5

Bosch cycle menu

The Bosch Serie 6 WTB86590GB does more than just spin and blow hot air. The stainless steel drum comes equipped with moisture level sensors, these fancy little gadgets keep track on how wet your clothes are as they spin inside the drum. This means you no longer have to try and figure out how long clothes will take in terms of time – you just pop them in, choose the dryness you desire and the drum will take care of the rest.

Noise 4/5

Bosch front view with open door

We’re probably all accustomed to the dryer dance, the dryer dance happens when a machine vibrates so heavily that it bounces around leaving you wondering if you decided to dry rocks instead of socks on a Monday evening. The Bosch Serie 6 WTB86590GB has been built with an anti-vibration body, it’s side walls have a spiral design which absorbs any noisy vibrations instantly giving you a quiet cycle that won’t wake the neighbours.

BOSCH Serie 6 WTB86590GB Condenser Tumble Dryer

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