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BOSCH Serie 6 WAT28661GB Washing Machine

Alkas Miah, Customer Service Manager

By Alkas Miah | First published: 15th September 2017

Bosch i-DOS Display

Forbes Rentals' expert verdict: 4/5

If you’re looking for a washing machine that pretty much does everything other than the drying for you, then the Serie 6 WAT28661GB is a great choice. It stores all your detergent which saves on cupboard space, it’s anti-vibration design will leave you undisturbed, and the cycle length means you’re in control of how fast or how clean you want your clothes to be.

At a glance

Ease of use 5/5

Bosch open detergent drawer

Once upon a time washing was done by hand, every shirt was scrubbed, soaked and squeezed, then thrown over a fireplace to dry. Luckily for us, we live in a time of washing machines and vaccinations against smallpox, but what could make washing machines better? Bosch have created the Serie 6 WAT28661GB which we believe has the answer. When it comes to measuring out detergent we all are guilty for putting in that extra splash, or worse, forgetting to put in detergent altogether. The Serie 6 WAT28661GB fixes that by letting you pour an entire 1.3 litre bottle of detergent and 500ml of fabric conditioner into your machine. No, that’s not per wash, the machine stores the detergent and then adds the right dose amount to each wash, all you need to do is add in your clothes. Saving you time and money. Bosch all so boast that the machine will save over 7,000 ltres of water a year, we’ll have to wait on see on that.

Capacity 4/5

Bosch 8kg capacity drum

The Serie 6 WAT28661GB boasts an 8KG capacity drum, it’s not the largest of drums on offer but it's enough for a medium sized family. If you do decide to go on an impromptu camping holiday in Wales however, it may take more than one load, but if you do decide to put in fewer clothes, the 8KG size lets your clothes dance around in the drum more freely, giving them a cleaner and drier outcome.

Cycle length 4/5

Bosch cycle menu

The Serie 6 WAT28661GB comes with a range of different cycles depending on your needs. From a Cottons to Down program wash for pillows and duvets. The 15 minute quick cycle will wash clothes well, but when it comes to drying you may need to give it that extra spin to get any excess water out. It also has the age old problem of washing machines where you cannot change the cycle mid way through another, so you may have to wait until your first choice ends.

Noise 4/5

Bosch annti-vibration panel

The walls of the Serie 6 WAT28661GB have been built with an anti-vibration design, this means that it not only stops vibrations from the drum but also stops the drum from clattering around waking up you, your neighbours and everyone else on your street. It can get a little louder during a full spin cycle, but in comparison to older models it’s one of the quietest one’s out there.

BOSCH Serie 6 WAT28420GB Washing Machine

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