Six reasons for adopting the mindset of a user as opposed to a consumer.

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 29th August 2023

A young family looking at a digital tablet screen

In today's fast-paced world, the way we approach consumption is evolving rapidly. The rise of the sharing economy and sustainability concerns have led to a shift in mindset from ownership to access. This transformation is particularly evident in the realm of home and electrical appliances, where an increasing number of individuals and businesses are choosing to rent rather than buy. Here are some key benefits to adopting a mindset of a user as opposed to a consumer:

  • Embracing the sharing economy: The sharing economy has transformed numerous industries, and home and electrical appliance rental is no exception. By participating in the sharing economy, individuals and businesses can access a wide range of appliances without the need for ownership. This shift from consumerism to collaborative consumption promotes resource efficiency, reduces waste, and even fosters a sense of common responsibility. Renting appliances allows us to utilise existing resources more effectively, reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to a sustainable future.

  • Cost-effectiveness and financial flexibility: Financially, renting makes a lot of sense, especially in the current cash crisis. Renting eliminates the need for big upfront payments and eradicates the ongoing maintenance costs associated with ownership. By renting appliances from reputable rental providers like Forbes Rentals, individuals and businesses can access high-quality products with affordable monthly payments. This cost-effectiveness helps customers with household budgeting and enables businesses to optimise their cash flow.

  • Access to the latest technology: Home and electrical appliances are continuously evolving, with new innovations and features being introduced regularly. By renting appliances, individuals and businesses can stay up-to-date with the latest technology without contributing to a throw -away society. Forbes Rentals offer a diverse range of cutting-edge appliances that can be upgraded or replaced as needed, ensuring that our customers always have access to state-of-the-art technology and can enjoy the benefits of innovation without the hassle of obsolescence.

  • Convenience and hassle-free experience: Renting appliances provides a convenient and hassle-free experience. Forbes takes care of delivery, installation, and maintenance, relieving customersof the time-consuming tasks associated with ownership. We also offer comprehensive customer support, ensuring that any issues or concerns are promptly addressed. We take away the worry of the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of appliances.

  • Expert advice at the end of the phone: By renting home and electrical appliances from Forbes, customers know that we are only ever a phone call away. Whether they need help with simple user issues or want advice on which appliances will help to reduce their utility bills, we are always happy to help. With almost a century of trusted service provision, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon and we always ensure customers find the right products for their home and their lifestyle.

  • Reducing environmental impact: In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, renting appliances aligns with sustainable practices. By renting rather than buying, individuals and businesses contribute to reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and disposal. Opting for appliance rental supports the circular economy by extending the lifecycle of products and reducing overall consumption. By embracing the user mindset, we can make a positive impact on the environment and promote a more sustainable future.

The rise of home and electrical appliance rental reflects a fundamental shift in the way we view ownership and consumption. By adopting a user mindset rather than a consumer mindset, individuals and businesses can enjoy the benefits of cost-effectiveness, access to the latest technology, convenience, and a reduced environmental impact.