Wondering why some apps have vanished from your TV?

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 18th January 2023

A man holding up his hands in frustration

We are currently receiving a number of phone calls from customers asking, ‘Why can I no longer access ITV Hub?’ The answer is that ITV has moved their content from ITV Hub to its new streaming home, ITVX. The service will continue to enable streaming across multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Smart TVs and subscription boxes. However new streaming platform promises customers an improved experience with new and exclusive content, offering 15,000 hours of content in comparison to ITV Hub's 4,000 hours. ITVX will enable you to stream news, sport, films, ITV dramas, documentaries, science fiction, fantasy and themed channels, available for free. It will also give access to advert-free viewing through its subscription service Britbox UK.

On some Smart TVs, the App will automatically be replaced with the new ITVX, and your account will be moved across without you doing anything; you just need to be aware of where to find the content. However, Smart TVs that are a few years old may no longer support ITV content. Smart TVs from Samsung and Panasonic and Humax boxes may not be compatible ITVX. In this event, you should have received a pop up message on your television.

These issues reinforce the benefits of rental. By renting a TV, you are free to upgrade regularly in order to keep in-line with the latest technological and streaming advances. TVs losing access to apps is a recurrent situation. It is not just the ITV App that can vanish, sometimes customers can no longer find BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Spotify. The convenience of having live TV and catch-up services on one device with one remote is undeniable, but no App is a permanent fixture.

A Which? survey of 2,050 people found that ‘Of the 57% who owned a smart TV, 22% had lost access to one or more apps... Most only lost access for a short period of time.’

By renting a TV you have our teams on hand to advise as to whether the loss is permanent or can be fixed. Often it is a matter of us guiding customers through a simple reset, re-installing or re-instating the internet connection. Alternatively, you can try to update your TV's firmware. This is often an automatic process, but not always. Whereas with a phone you can do periodic software updates to enable access to new apps, televisions do not work in the same way. In order to update the TV's firmware, try pressing ‘Home/Start’ button on the remote displays the launcher bar. From there, choose ‘Settings’ followed by ‘All Settings’. Next, click ‘General’ then ‘About This TV’, then ‘Check for Updates’. If your TV isn't up to date, you should then be able to download the latest software version, which could restore your streaming apps.

Forbes can guide customers through these processes over the phone or via video call. It is important to bear in mind that choosing a Smart TV doesn't guarantee you'll be able to get every app and there is no assurance of continued support of any specific content. However, our aim is always to ensure that your TV is giving you access to all of your favourite content. If your TV no longer supports an app you use, speak to us about upgrading to a new model.

Should you be having any issues accessing any apps, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team to discuss your account.