Commit to a more sustainable lifestyle in 2023

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 18th January 2023

Bottles of detergent with plants and a toy duck

With increasingly urgent environmental concerns, people are becoming acutely aware of their personal responsibilities. Consequently, when looking for new home or electrical appliances, rental represents a sustainable alternative to purchase.  We are all attempting to transition towards a circular economy, and renting items for the home is a simple way to become a ‘user’ as opposed to a ‘consumer’.

As a rental business, Forbes takes our environmental and moral responsibilities seriously and are proud that the regeneration of products is at the very core of our operation. Sustainability is deeply enshrined within our values and policies and our rented kitchen, laundry and electrical appliances have multi-phase life cycles. Our products never end up in landfill when they breakdown or are upgraded.

Our pre-loved product range is fully cleaned, reconditioned and commissioned for safe use before being released for rental again. We offer an extensive range of high quality refurbished electrical, laundry and kitchen appliances, enabling us to deliver exceptional value without any quality compromise and with the same first-class service support. Where a component fails, we would always endeavour to repair or replace it and it would be returned to the customer or to our stock flow for re- distribution. Our key sustainability objectives are to ensure optimum resource use, repairability, re-usability and recyclability in our business and throughout our supply chains.

At Forbes we have worked hard to maintain relationships with the best partners and suppliers to ensure that we have access to a large variety of products. Our partnership with our manufacturers has allowed us access to machines with key features and benefits that mean we are able to comply with environmental guidelines. We only supply equipment from companies that are pro-active in their approach to providing environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. We always consider any environmental and human impact of our products' journeys and only work with manufacturers that share our commitment to fair labour practices, environmental progress and anti-corruption policies.

At this unprecedented time, it has never been more essential to ensure that you are optimising energy and water efficiency within the home. Kitchen, laundry and electrical appliances are a key consideration when looking at a home’s running costs. New appliances consume less energy than older models and Smart technology can save a considerable amount of time, energy and money.

Our expert advisors receive extensive training to help our customers choose the most efficient products for their home based on the size of their household, their budget and their specific requirements. Our teams know which questions to ask to ensure that customers select the best products for their household usage whilst helping to minimise both energy and water consumption.

As technology advances, intelligent features can really help to improve efficiency in the home and our products can really make a difference. However, it is important that users know how to use items to their full potential. That is why our installation engineers provide user-demonstrations at the point of delivery.

All of our products are then fully supported by an inclusive service and maintenance support, at no extra costs for the life of the contract. In the first instance, our experts would always endeavour to identify, and ideally resolve, issues remotely over the phone or video call before dispatching an engineer the same/ next day. This enables the most efficient response and fastest resolution to any problems whilst minimising any mileage and resulting fuel consumption.

By subscribing to our rental services, customers also have free ongoing access to our customer service teams for any user queries. We also make it our business to keep our customers informed of the latest technological advances, and the ways in which they can optimise efficiency within their home. 

Customers know that they have the benefit of periodic upgrades, safe in the knowledge that their old items will be reconditioned and re-homed, used for spare parts, or responsibly disposed of at the end of their life. 

Make a sustainable lifestyle choice. Choose our rental subscriptions.