Forbes’ Summer Party at Brighton i360 saw us soaring to new heights.

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 3rd July 2023

Forbes Rentals Summer Party 2023

The Forbes family, staff and guests from across the UK gathered in balmy Brighton last weekend for a wonderful evening together to celebrate another year of hard work and success.

We had an exclusive event at the Brighton i360; an architectural marvel that pierces the skies above Brighton beach. As the tallest moving observation tower in the world, it offered an unparalleled vantage point to soak in the stunning coastal panorama. We travelled up to experience the amazing, far reaching views of the azure blue English Channel, the iconic Brighton pier and the expansive South Downs as the sun begun to set on the horizon. We then descended to the beach front bar for delectable food, fast flowing drinks and some highly enthusiastic dancing. We were also treated to a magical extravaganza by the charming Rooster Magic, whose wizardry was simply mind blowing!

We remain a family business today and a great number of our staff have brought their partners, spouses and children into the business too. It was great for us all be together partying and celebrating the fruits of our combined efforts. After almost 100 years of operation, our staff are absolutely central to the customer-centric, forward thinking culture that we have created. With our team work and dedication the sky is the limit and it was great to watch the sunset together from a height of 450 metres.

Stuart Forbes says, ‘The directors and I would like to thank our teams for their continued dedication to delivering the very best service. We have received high profile recognition this past year and we would not be where we are without the wealth of knowledge, warmth, enthusiasm and experience that our staff deliver. We hope everyone had a super evening in Brighton; it was well deserved.’