Ready to watch the Academy Award winners from the comfort of your sofa?

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 16th March 2023

Digital video recorder pointed at a television with a bowl of popcorn

The Oscars is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, where the biggest stars in the entertainment industry gather to celebrate and honour the year's most outstanding performances. Sadly for the film industry, there has been a significant shift away from the cinema in recent years, a move that was accelerated by the pandemic and by content now moving so quickly to streaming platforms.

With the latest TVs, you can now enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home. Bigger screen sizes combine with incredible technological advances greatly enhance your very own ‘home cinema’. You can now enjoy true-to-life colours, deeper blacks, and a more immersive viewing experience than ever before. However, the size, resolution, and colour accuracy of your TV will all play a significant role in how enjoyable your viewing experience will be. A TV that's too small or has a low resolution will not provide the same immersive experience as a larger, higher-resolution TV. Additionally, a TV with poor colour accuracy can make scenes look washed out or oversaturated, taking away from the intended mood and atmosphere of the film. We provide our customers with all of the advice they need to choose the right TV for their home. We also find that customers find our digital ‘TV widget’ really helpful as it enables them to clearly visualise the various screen sizes in their sitting room before they rent their new television. With the new slimline bezels, and more sleek designs, rooms can now accommodate increasingly large screens without them feeling obtrusive.

One of the most exciting recent developments in TV technology has been the advent of Samsung QLED and Sony OLED technology. Whether you want to watch the Oscar winning films or bring the red carpet to life in your living room, Samsung’s 65″ QLED TV TV's 4K resolution would ensure that every detail is crystal clear. Our QE65Q80AAT 65″4K Ultra HD Quantum HDR Smart QLED TV has a slim and lightweight design that makes it a very popular choice for customers, blending seamlessly into any interior.

Our Sales Manager, Janice Englefield, says , “I would highly recommend our Samsung QLED QE65Q80AAT to any movie enthusiast. This 65″ TV is truly state-of-the-art. Featuring Samsung’s Quantum Dot and HDR technology, it produces over a billion vibrant colours and shades for amazing realism. The incredible imagery combines with exceptional sound quality so that you really feel enveloped in the action. You can even turn this TV to ambient mode to make it more a decorative feature.”

Now you just need to decide what you want to watch. This year's Academy Award winner for Best Picture, ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ is currently available on Amazon Prime, (in case you were wondering). You can also stream classic Academy winners such as ‘Forrest Gump’ or ‘Brokeback Mountain’ on Netflix. There is an abundance of Oscar-winning films available at the touch of a button, you just need to settle into your sofa and grab some popcorn for a night of entertainment.