Let Forbes help you lighten the laundry load.

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 13th February 2023

Washing machine in a kitchen with laundry

With so many washing machines on the market and laundry technology now delivering so many new features, there is a lot to consider beyond ‘which drum size do I need?’ We can help you navigate the various options and choose the right laundry appliances for your home. Our staff know which questions to ask you to help you choose a washing machine that will fit both your budget and your lifestyle requirements.

When speaking to customers who are looking to rent a washing machine, we will initially ask the number of people in the household. We will then try to decipher if you are processing sports clothes regularly, or need to frequently wash bedding or animal blankets. It may be that you require a really fast wash cycle for quickly turning around school sports clothes in the evening. Or it may be that you need hygiene specific washes, or you may have an open plan home and want the quietest washing machine available. Our Bosch washing machines now have such advanced settings that you can finely adjust each cycle to suit your requirements. Some of our laundry machines will even automatically adjust to suit the specific load. We also have Smart laundry equipment that you can control remotely via your Smart device, and machines that you can set to complete as you come home from a day out or at work. Gone are the days or returning to stale washing that has been sitting in the drum all day, awaiting your return. You also need not worry about those forgotten items now as so many of our Bosch washers have a reload function which enables you to pop the dreaded dropped socks in after the wash has started.

Key benefits of our Bosch washing machines are:

  • The EcoSilence Drive, which uses a brushless, energy efficient motor that reduces friction and helps to minimise any noise whilst the cycle is in motion.

  • SpeedPerfect functionality reduces wash times by up to 65%, making the laundry chore that bit less daunting.

  • The Delicates Programmes minimises drum rotation and water temperature and enables you to machine wash your delicate lace or silk items.

  • The Wool Programmes free you from hand washing your woollen items and remove the fear of shrinking or felting your favourite jumpers!

  • The Timer Delay Function not only allows you to fit the washing around your schedule, it also makes it easier to make the most of off-peak electricity rates.

  • Drumclean programme is really important, especially as people are increasingly using lower temperature washers in an endeavour to save on energy consumption and preserve clothes. To ensure clothes are always cleaned to perfection, some of our Bosch washing machines now remind you to run a ‘Drumclean’ cycle after running twenty cycles under 40°.

  • Exceptional energy and water efficiency. Our Bosch washing machines enable impressive energy and water savings. In particular, our A rated Bosch WGG04409 9kg washing machine can help reduce cycle times by up to 65% and reduce water consumption by 50%, making it is very efficient choice of washing machine.

Forbes has an extensive range of laundry equipment available for rent, including our refurbished washing machines, which offer great value for money. It wasn’t long ago that the larger drum sizes were only available on commercial machines, but now we are able to offer our customers 10kg drum capacity washing machines which can make a big difference by reducing the amount of loads you need to process.

Whatever your requirements, our staff can draw upon their extensive product knowledge to help you make the right choice of washing machine.

Our sales manager, Janice Englefield, says ‘We always take the time to understand a customer's specific requirements when helping them to choose which washing machine to rent. Our most popular washing machine is currently Bosch WAN28209. This 9kg washing machine is generous enough to cater to a medium–large household, has great features and is really simple to use. It also has an impressively fast wash cycle which is a key driver for many of our customers.’