14 Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 20th October 2022

Man reading an article about energy savings on a tablet

Irrefutably, whilst facing an environmental and cost of living crisis, we all need to look at reducing our energy consumption. According to the AMDEA (The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances), households can save over £500/year by making small changes to the way they use their household appliances, Choosing efficient appliances and using the Eco setting will make a big difference and 57% of washing machines and 32% of dishwashers now offer such energy saving technology. However, a recent appliance survey conducted on behalf of AMDEA found that despite, only 29% of the 156 appliances installed across UK homes are always used on the ECO settings.

By making surprisingly small changes you can make a big difference in terms of both reducing your energy bills and helping to preserve the Earth’s resources. Allow all your rental appliances to achieve the savings they were designed to deliver. In terms of the average savings that can be realised, the AMDEA released the following data via The Know Watt’s What site:

  • £54 per year by using the eco mode for every laundry load. 
  • £37 per year by always using the eco mode on a dishwasher.
  • £58 a year by choosing ‘D’ over ‘G’ rated fridge-freezers.
  • £130 using a heat pump dryer instead of a condenser tumble dryer.
  • £108 a year just by restricting daily showers to no longer than five minutes.
  • £33 a year by cooking a baked potato in a microwave once a week, rather than the oven.
  • £20 a year using the fan rather than the conventional setting on an oven.
  • £57 a year by using a washer with technology that adjusts to half load washes.

Our advisors can discuss the efficiency of your appliances with you and help you minimise running costs in your home. At the point of delivery our installation engineers also offer user demonstrations on our rental appliances. They will also advise on how fully optimise products  and ensure maximum efficiency from your rented washing machines and dishwashers.  The technology is there to make it easier for you to save energy and costs. Let us help you to use it to its full potential.