Using a Dishwasher Can Save 18,000 Litres of Water Per Year

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 22nd August 2022

An opened dishwasher door

We are all trying to live our lives more sustainably, and with the UK’s current drought, we really need to minimise water consumption within our homes. Dishwasher usage causes some degree of confusion for consumers when looking at their water usage. However, when compared to handwashing, the stats are very apparent.

You can clean a fully loaded dishwasher with less water than you would use in two minutes of handwashing. Consequently, if you are washing more than eight items it is safe to say that a dishwasher is the better choice. When handwashing, people generally leave the tap running whilst they rinse dishes or use more than one sink of water. However, a dishwasher cleans all of the dishes, cutlery and utensils in one go and at a higher temperature, for a deeper clean.

Bosch estimate that handwashing can exceed an astounding 100 litres of water per load. However, Bosch water and energy efficient dishwashers can wash a load with just 9.6 litres. Older models still use considerably less water than hand washing but newer dishwashers are by far the most cost, energy and water efficient, using over 90% less water than washing in a sink. Better protection for your family as well as the environment's resources.

Whilst there is a general presumption that it is better to wait until the load is full to run a wash cycle, arguably it would be more water efficient to put on a wash each day. This is because if the dishes are not sitting there waiting to be washed they don't need to be rinsed first and will be cleaned more effortlessly using a shorter cycle.

Whilst trying to optimise household efficiency, we would always recommend that you choose a smaller dishwasher if you are a smaller household. This is because smaller models require less water and less energy to run a cycle. We would also remind customers not to waste energy by leaving the dishwasher on standby.

Our advisors can help you choose the right dishwasher for your home and your requirements. We have both freestanding and integrated dishwashers available to rent for pay weekly or monthly prices with no installation or repair costs for the life of the contract. Our dishwashers are from leading brands and can help save you time and money whilst making a more sustainable choice.