LED Television Rental

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Rent your LED television through Forbes. You can't beat renting an LED television for your home with Forbes Rentals. The LED television is the heart the home entertainment, with amazing up to the minute technology that enables you to interact and access great services like Freesat, Freeview, web browsing, Skype, YouTube and other marvellous features and amazing apps that allow you to control and interact with your television using two handed gestures or facial recognition, as well as intelligent learning for a personalised experience. Renting with Forbes Rentals enables you to achieve the ultimate family home entertainment experience. At Forbes Rentals, we offer a excellent choice of sleek, slim spacing Smart HD LED television designs, including 3D models for rental to suit all budgets.

Why Rent an LED Television?

What happens when your LED television goes wrong? If you own your LED television you will have to wait for service and parts, which can be both expensive and with the risk in some cases of it taking weeks, causing needless worry and a bill at the end of it. At Forbes Rentals our customers have the benefit of knowing that their LED television rental includes service by our own fully qualified engineers.

Calls placed before 10am are offered same day service and if we are unable to repair it on the day we will arrange for a replacement LED television to be delivered, ensuring you are not left without your essential household item. Our Customer Care Department have a team of knowledgeable and professional people at hand to help and give you friendly guidance and advice.

If your LED television goes wrong, you are only ever a phone call away for service or support. Remember Rent and Relax.

LED Technology

How do LED Televisions work?

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have been around for decades, but their introduction into HDTV design and availability on the high street is a fairly recent development.

LED televisions are basically LCD TVs with one crucial difference; the traditional backfluorescent lamps that illuminate the screen have been replaced by hundreds of small LEDs. To give an LED TV its full name is more of a mouthful: LED lit LCD. LED TVs still employ standard LCD TV technology; light from behind the screen is shone through the television screen's matrix of tiny coloured liquid crystal cells. Signals control each cell, letting varying amounts of colour through, and a picture is built up. The downside at the moment is common to any new technology, a hefty price tag. The benefits on the other hand are apparently threefold. LED TVs are slimmer, more energy-efficient, and picture quality too is impressive.

There are basically two types of LED TVs, Edge lit LED TVs and backlit LED TVs. Edge lit models are simply those with the LED lighting placed around the edge of the screen. Without the traditional bulky lamps at the back of the TV, Edge lit LED models can be designed to be incredibly slim. LED TV pictures are vibrant, sharp, detailed and oozing with depth, though the viewing angle is poor (a common problem on LCD TVs that the new back lighting doesn't appear to have resolved).

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