Student Preloved 5Kg 1200rpm Washing Machine – White – B Rated


At some point, you'll have to use a washing machine for the first time. The quick dials and buttons on this refurbished model are so useful.

The 5kg load limit’s enough for sports kits, fancy dress outfits, comfy pyjamas and towels.

Our expert refurbishment means perfect washes at lower prices. No more using the electric bill as an excuse to wait another week.

Terms and Conditions for renting Student Quality appliances

To qualify for student rental, you need to give us details about your university and your course. Once we've confirmed you're a current student, we can go ahead with processing your application.

Rental terms include a £35 deposit and £20 admin fee. These charges and the first month's rental must be paid on delivery. Student rentals typically last 9 months. At the end, if you've made all payments and return the appliance in good condition we'll give your deposit back. Email or write to our Accounts department so we know where to send the refund.

The person who applied must be present to sign for the appliance and pay. We need to see 2 forms of ID – passports are preferred – as well as your NUS card.

You'll also need to name 2 contacts, and one of those should be a parent or guardian. This is so we can get in touch if you have phone or internet issues.

    Product Features

    • Choose from up to 15 cycle settings
    • Rent with a refurbished tumble dryer
    • Actual washing machine models vary
    • Rental depends on stock availability
    • Dimensions: 84.5cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 60cm (D)

£3.94per week

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0345 070 2328

No more using the electric bill as an excuse to wait another week.

What is Preloved?

Our Preloved products undergo a rigorous refurbishment process in the trusted hands of our experienced in-house engineers. Before being re-rented, all products are cleaned, sanitised and fully tested to ensure that they meet exactly the same functional standards as our new range. By choosing a renewed product you can access premium equipment at significantly discounted monthly rates.