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Rent your Bosch dishwasher through Forbes. You can’t beat renting a dishwasher for your home with Forbes Rentals. The dishwasher is now a fundamental appliance in the kitchen and with time increasingly precious, dishwashers being energy efficient with their cleaning performance, now just keep improving thanks to intelligent technology. At Forbes, we offer a good selection of fourteen, thriteen, twelve and the slim nine place setting dishwashers for rental to suit all budgets, including the stylish black and silver range. As our dishwasher machines become ever more energy efficient their washing performance just keeps improving, thanks to intelligent technology.

Bosch Dishwashers - Safety Notice 25th March 2013. Bosch issued an important safety notice for a specific range of Bosch dishwashers manufactured between 1995 and 2005.

As our ongoing commitment to our valued customers, we have checked our models against the Bosch database and any machines that were listed by Bosch that require a repair, a small number of customers who were affected have been contacted or if we have not been able to contact by telephone, contact letters have been sent asking the customer to contact us to book an engineer.

If you do have any concerns that your Dishwasher model may fall into this safety notice, please email our Customer Care Team on or ring 01737 64300. We will be happy to check for your assurance.
More information is available on the Bosch website

Why Rent a Dishwasher?

Normally there is only one dishwasher in the house, so what happens when it goes wrong? If you own your dishwasher you will have to wait for service and parts, which can be both expensive and with the risk in some cases of it taking weeks, causing needless worry and a bill at the end of it. At Forbes Rentals our customers have the benefit of knowing that their dishwasher rental includes service by our own fully qualified engineers.

Calls placed before 10am are offered same day service and if we are unable to repair it on the day we will arrange for a replacement dishwasher to be delivered, ensuring you are not left without your essential household item. Our Customer Care Department have a team of knowledgeable and professional people at hand to help and give you friendly guidance and advice.  If your dishwasher goes wrong you are only ever a phone call away for service or support. Remember Rent and Relax.

Bosch Dishwasher Range – A Greener Option

Best Home Appliance Brand at the 2012 Which? Award and Most Popular Brand of 2012

To help you choose the right Bosch appliance for your needs Bosch have divided the appliances into groups

Logixx – Packed full of revolutionary technology, their premium Logixx range gives you unsurpassed quality.

Premium range models with exceptional cutting-edge features and extras. Machines offer electronic controls, large LED displays and touch controls, including a dishwasher that can accommodate 14 place settings.

Exxcel – Models are quality mid range design, which offer more advanced features, with dishwashers that can wash up to 13 full place settings using as little as 6.5 litres of water.  These miid-range models with a broad range of extra features and benefits. Large easy-to-use LED displays are common and selected products offer electronic controls.

Classixx – A straight forward range that offer fantastic value and come with some really handy features, as well as the great build quality that you expect.

Simple practical models offering Bosch build quality and value, which are brilliantly easy to use and with the highest quality materials used throughout, Bosches Classixx range of appliances offer great dishwashing without compromise.