Delivery & Returns


We provide free delivery. Once you've ordered from us, sit back and relax. One of our specialists will visit your home to fit your appliance and talk you through how it works. It's a next-day service, so there's no waiting around. The best bit? That friendly support is included in your subscription.

Cancellation & Returns

There is an initial ‘cool off period’ after the contract start date, during which time you can return the equipment if it is not to your complete satisfaction. If we have not heard from you within 5 days of delivery the equipment will be deemed to be in good condition, satisfactory to you in all respects and good for the purposes for which it was intended.

If you do wish to terminate the agreement and it has reached at least the minimum term you must give us at least one month’s written notice. Please send your notice letter to 7 Wells Place, Redhill Surrey RH1 3DR or email

When we collect televisions and other electrical appliances we do require that all the corresponding leads / remote controls are made readily available for collection. We would turn on the product to check its functionality before removing it from the property.

When we collect home appliances we do require that washing machines, fridges and freezers are emptied and cleaned, and that freezers are defrosted before our arrival.