4K Ultra HD Television

Exceptional three-dimensional images

The advancement of Ultra HD technology will continue for years to come. Renting from Forbes offers you the perfect opportunity not to postpone the introduction of this remarkable new on going technology into your home.
Here at Forbes Rentals we offer a range of new Smart 4K UHD 3D LED televisions for rental. These elegant televisions have four times the resolution of standard high definition delivering incredible picture quality for the ultimate viewing experience.

4K Diagram

What is 4K Ultra HD?

4K Ultra HD (4K UHD) LED televisions, deliver four times the picture resolution of 1080p Full HD, that is eight million pixels compared to two million pixels. This means is there is superb clarity with extra fine detail and texture - Officially 4K resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels and so to fit this higher resolution video on to a normal 16:9 picture format for a television, the resolution has been altered to 3840 x 2160, this is still four times the total number of pixels on a Full HD 1080p screen (1920 x 1080).
A good example is when a photojournalist views their work on an HD TV with a 1080p screen, as crisp and clear as it is, they would still only be able to see a fraction of their original image's subject detail. The remarkable difference with a 4K with a 2160p screen is that it will reveal all those fine details originally captured that are normally undetectable. Although 3D has proven very popular, 4K presents progress without limitations - Its higher resolution images are simply better.
For the time being, the screen sizes appear to be set at 55 inches and above for domestic 4K UHD television, however with the higher pixel density of a 4K panel and the grid-like structure of the image itself barely visible, it produces a seamless, smoother image allowing you to comfortably watch a much larger screen from the same seating position as a smaller Full HD panel.
“High frame rate UHD broadcasting could have an even greater impact than resolution when services begin – and the benefits of HFR are not restricted to larger screen sizes. When this second generation 4K UHD breaks cover, expect high-frame rate 4K TVs to drop further down the size scale.” By Steve May, TechRadar 11/2/14

Due to Ultra HD operating four times the data, having a high quality HDMI cable is important. The length of the HDMI cable needs to be taken into account as well as this will affect the capacity to deliver a picture.

Here in the UK, The Digital TV Group, whose original aim was to avoid the confusion that emerged when HD TV and HD-Ready TVs first came on the market, now leads the new UHD-Forum that was formed to promote 4K TV. This working group chaired by the BBC and BSkyB meditate any possible improvements, from higher frame rates to greater contrast and a wider colour spectrum.
Broadcasters continue to work out what they can upgrade to meet 4K standard. In 2013, Sky trialled live 4K Ultra HD broadcasts with the English Premier League match between West Ham and Stoke City. The BBC and Sony also trialled 4K Ultra HD broadcasts at the Wimbledon 2013 tennis tournament, with a Sony '4K Experience Zone' showing what the future of live sport on TV could hold. As they worked together on 3D broadcasts, Sony supplied 4K cameras and engineers in order to test out getting 4K from camera to television. Japanese telecoms company, NTT West has already trialled streaming 4K television content over the internet, using new compression technology to send the hi-res pictures to set-top boxes.