Blu-ray and DVD Rental

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Rent your Blu-ray or DVD through Forbes. You can’t beat renting a Blu-ray or DVD for your home with Forbes Rentals. The Blu-ray and DVD are at the heart the home entertainment. Renting with Forbes Rentals enables you to achieve a great family home entertainment experience. Blu-ray offers the best picture quality of any home entertainment system, storing high-definition pictures on a CD-sized disc. Some Blu-ray players will also play 3D discs. A Blu-ray player is the perfect complement to a Full HD television and plenty of Blu-ray titles to choose from. If you already have a DVD library, don’t worry, because all Blu-ray players are able to play DVD discs. Some Blu-ray models are also Smart devices that connect to the Internet, giving you access to online entertainment and information services that are viewed on a television screen.

In many homes, the DVD player has replaced the VHS video deck when it comes to watching videos and it’s easy to see why; DVD offers much better sound and picture quality and the discs do not wear out like tape. DVD recorders have a built-in digital tuner and can record digital TV programmes onto low-cost, blank DVD discs. The most versatile DVD recorders include a large hard disk drive, so you can record many of hours of TV and transfer the programmes you want to keep onto DVD. At Forbes Rentals we offer a choice Blu-ray or DVD Recorder for rental to suit all budgets.

Why Rent a Blu-ray or DVD?

What happens when your Blu-ray or DVD goes wrong? If you own your Blu-ray or DVD you will have to wait for service and parts, which can be both expensive and with the risk in some cases of it taking weeks, causing needless worry and a bill at the end of it. At Forbes Rentals our customers have the benefit of knowing that their Blu-ray or DVD rental includes service by our own fully qualified engineers.

Calls placed before 10am are offered same day service and if we are unable to repair it on the day we will arrange for a replacement Blu-ray or DVD to be delivered, ensuring you are not left without your essential home entertainment item. Our Customer Care Department have a team of knowledgeable and professional people at hand to help and give you friendly guidance and advice.

If your Blu-ray or DVD goes wrong, you are only ever a phone call away for service or support. Remember Rent and Relax.