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iRobot Floorcare

Product ref: IRROOMBA605 | Roomba 605

iRobotRoomba 605

Award logo, No 1 Brand Worldwide in Robotic Vacuum SalesThe Roomba® 605 vacuum cleaning robot loosens, lifts and suctions dirt from your floors.

A powerful three stage cleaning system uses the edge-sweeping brush, two counter rotating brushes and powerful a vacuum to grab dirt, hair and large debris from your floors.

Combines a powerful cleaning system with intelligent sensors, the robot moves seamlessly through your home, adapting to the surroundings to thoroughly vacuum your floors.

iRobot® Roomba® 605 product spec.

£4.69 per week

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Combines a powerful cleaning system with intelligent sensors.

Product Features

  • Robot vacuum for a thorough clean, every day
  • Moves seamlessly through your home
  • Cleans your floor with a touch of button
  • Sweeps corners and along walls using spinning side brush
  • Automatically recharges itself between cleaning